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Cardio Ab Workout

If You Hate Cardio, This Trainer's Quick Ab Workout Is Just For You

Cardio that targets your abs? Yes, please. Fitness influencer and trainer Stefanie Williams posted a quick workout that only requires a bench. Her three moves are guaranteed to fire up your core, but they'll also work your entire body in the process. And if you're not a fan of straight-up cardio like Stef, this workout is a great alternative.

The workout:

  1. Bench bunny hop (40 seconds)
  2. Bench step-up to high-knee with reverse lunge (40 seconds)
  3. Bench jump squat (40 seconds)

Complete four to five sets with 20 seconds of rest in between.

Once you're done with this one, grab your dumbbells for Stef's killer legs and butt workout!

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