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Core Workout Instagram Video

This Core Workout Is Absolutely Insane (and Mesmerizing to Watch)!

We're all up for a quick core-burning workout, but the fact that this one is captioned "core massacre" scares us a little — actually a LOT. The instructions for this workout designed by Massy, a certified personal trainer, are "Perform each move for 5 reps each in sequence. Only rest when all core moves are completed. 5 whole rounds. GO!" Seems straightforward, but just wait until you see these moves!

From pull-ups holding a ball between her legs to Russian twists coupled with a ball slam, we don't know which to be impressed by more, her insane strength or the fact that she does each intense move with a huge smile on her face.

We're not even sure we could do one rep of some of these moves, so if this ab workout seems way too advanced (we're with you on that!), here are a few videos you can try that will still leave your core on fire:

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