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You've Got to Try This Genius Mason Jar Snack Hack

Mason jars are handy for salads, but you can also use these versatile, naturally BPA-free containers for your on-the-go snacks. If you like eating two-ingredient snacks like veggies and hummus, here's a brilliant, inexpensive little hack to keep two ingredients separated, so you can avoid unappetizingly soggy snacks.

All you need is a wide-mouth jar — either a half-pint or pint size — and one of those plastic containers diced fruit comes in. It stacks perfectly on top, stays sealed, and is great not only for hummus and veggie sticks, but also for fruit slices with nut butter, yogurt and granola, or chips and bean dip.

When you're ready to eat, just unscrew the ring, and if the contents in the top cup are moist, just pop off the lid and slide it on the edge of the plastic container and you're ready to eat. If you don't like the contents getting on the lid, you can always store your mason jar snack upside down.

This little mason jar snack is not only adorable and inviting, but prepacking snacks also means you're more likely to reach for them instead of a cupcake from the office break room. And because you're using small jars and measuring out your snack, you can keep portions in check — much smarter than eating out of a huge bag.

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