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The Fitness Marshall "Sally Walker" Video

The Fitness Marshall's New Hip-Hop Workout Will Leave Your Abs and Legs Feeling Like Jello

If you've been waiting for The Fitness Marshall to drop a new hip-hop dance workout, today is your lucky day. This routine is a little slower than his others — you always have the option to speed it up — and is all-levels approved. You know exactly what that means. Grab your friends, and get ready to have some fun.

This workout is only three minutes long, but it's guaranteed to get your heart rate up in no time. Warning: you're definitely going to feel it in your abs, booty, and thighs tomorrow.

"Iggy is back with a bop. No matter how well you can dance or what insecurities you have, it's time to go full Sally Walker, and do your thang," TFM told POPSUGAR. Get ready to sweat, and be sure to check out the full routine in the video above.

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