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Gymnastics Bar Workout Baby Shark

Gymnasts Have Abs of Steel — and This Bar Workout Set to "Baby Shark" Proves It

A few months after the "In My Feelings" Challenge had the whole world listening to Drake on repeat, the "Baby Shark" Challenge swept the internet into a frenzy of dance videos set to the kids song that just won't quit. And, as athletes do best, many put a workout-inspired twist on it. Take one group of girls from England's Retford Gymnastics Club who posted an ab routine full of V-ups and hollow holds. Gymnasts from that same facility also posted a "Baby Shark" ab workout — this time on the uneven bars — and we took notice.

As a former gymnast, I know this footage all too well: these girls are at the point in gymnastics practice where they're hanging from the bar for some strength training (or, conditioning, as we referred to it). For me and my teammates, it often looked like this: 50 leg lifts, 50 pull-ups, 50 skin the cats, etc. In the video above, they're doing moves like hanging scissor kicks, single-leg knee raises, regular hanging knee raises, and leg lifts.

The move you see where they pull up and circle around the bar to a supported position is a chin-up pullover (something lower-level gymnasts do in their actual routines to mount the bar instead of a kip). All of the exercises are done to the tune of "Baby Shark," and though these girls are just having fun throughout — especially at the end of the video — adding some of these moves to your own gym workout would bring some serious heat to your abs, given that you have access to a bar you can hang from. We challenge you, if you're up for a challenge, to try the following: leg lifts otherwise known as toes to bar and knee raises. Get to it!

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