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How Can I Make Running on the Treadmill Fun?

Stop Dragging Your Feet Toward the Treadmill — Here's How You Can Actually Make It Fun

How Can I Make Running on the Treadmill Fun?
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I know the struggle of looking a treadmill square in the face (I mean, monitor) and thinking, "Nope, not today." Treadmills aren't always the sexiest cardio machines at the gym — why pick them when you can shape and tone your legs on a Stairmaster or, I don't know, find a pool to swim laps in? I'm happy to report, though, that there are ways to make the treadmill fun. If you're not so keen on working out in general, then you need to dig deep and find something that brings you joy (ever tried dance cardio?). But if you're just looking for that extra motivation to hit the treadmill, I've got you covered.

At the end of the day, the treadmill is a good option if outdoor running isn't your thing (or the weather isn't ideal), and it's a calorie-burner that benefits your heart health and aids in weight loss if that's your goal (though you shouldn't forget about strength training). Ahead, check out what's helped me learn to like — "love" is a strong word — this used-to-be-boring beast of a machine. Hopefully it'll help you, too.

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