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How to Do Resistance Band Sprints

Burn Fat With This Cardio-Strengthening Bodyweight Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

One of my current favorite exercises for cardio, power, and strength endurance is the resistance band sprint. This was one of the exercises I loved to do when I ran track, and it's still a favorite now. It's a great way to get quick bursts of cardio in throughout your workouts, it'll help you perfect your sprinting form, and you can do it absolutely anywhere.

There are a few variations of this exercise, but the one I like beginners to start with is the stationary resistance band sprint. I like to add it to strength workouts as active recovery (example: barbell squat, single-arm row, and resistance band sprints) and as a bonus, it's a great way to increase your overall calorie and fat burn.

Add it to your next bodyweight workout for an extra kick or add it to your strength programs for active recovery. You really can't go wrong with this move. If you're ready to get some cardio in and burn fat, keep reading.

How to Do Resistance Band Sprints

  • Anchor a superband to a stationary object like a squat rack, or place the band around your waist and have someone hold the band behind your back.
  • With the band comfortably around your waist, take about two to three steps forward. This will apply tension to the band. The further out you walk from the anchor point, the more resistance/tension you'll place on the band.
  • Start to pump your arms and legs, increasing your pace to a comfortable sprint. Be sure to keep your chest tall (you don't want to bend forward at your hips).
  • Continue to run in place for 20 to 30 seconds. With control, slow your pace down until you're no longer running, and step back so that there's no tension on the band.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tamara Pridgett
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