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How Many Calories Do I Burn Rowing?

Ever Wonder How Many Calories You Burn From Rowing? Here's Your Answer

If you're all about multitasking during your workouts, the rowing machine is where it's at. Rowing uses over 80 percent of the muscles in your body. We're talking calves, thighs, hamstrings, butt, core, arms, shoulders, and upper back. It's an efficient workout that can burn more calories than cycling and almost as many calories as running.

So how many calories does rowing burn? Check out the chart below to see the calories burned in 30 minutes. For the interval column, the workout alternates between one minute of moderate and one minute of vigorous rowing.

Weight Moderate Vigorous Intervals
120 168 204 186
130 189 230 210
140 210 255 233
150 231 281 256
160 252 306 279
170 273 332 303
180 294 357 326
190 315 383 349
200 336 408 372

Rowing is popular at CrossFit boxes, but you can also find machines at regular gyms. Rowing machine classes like CityRow are also becoming popular. Wherever you row, remember that your legs are doing 60 percent of the work, so really push against your feet to powerfully drive the hips back. Keep the core strong and engaged throughout the movement, and follow through with the upper body.

If you've never tried using a rower, here's a breakdown of proper form and some workout ideas you can do on your own.

Image Source: Reebok
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