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Jeanette Jenkins's Instagram Workout With Her Puppy

Jeanette Jenkins Demonstrates How to Turn Your Pup Into Your Workout Partner

Walking your dog doesn't have to be another routine obligation. Jeanette Jenkins recently demonstrated how you can multitask by turning your daily walk into a quick and effective workout.

On Instagram, the celebrity trainer shared a video of her exercising with her adorable French Bulldog, Louis. With her pup perched on her lap, Jeanette targeted her abs with a V-sit hold for 20 to 30 seconds. She followed that up with 20 to 25 step-ups, 15 to 20 power knee drives on the same elevated step, and 15 single-leg squats — all of this while physically holding Louis or having him nearby.

Jeanette finished the work with 15 to 25 triceps dips and a dynamic plank exercise where she connected her knee to her elbow, extended it back, and lifted the leg. She recommends repeated the entire circuit two to three times.

In her caption, Jeanette wrote, "It's amazing how much JOY animals bring to so many people! I love how they remind you to live in the moment, to be present right here and right now."

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