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Kelly Ripa Weekly Workout Routine

This Exercise Is the Key to Kelly Ripa's Shredded Abs — It Sounds CRAZY Hard

Kelly Ripa Weekly Workout Routine

In case you missed it, Kelly Ripa has an absolutely bangin' bod. Her arms rival that of an ancient Greek sculpture, her legs make me want to do leg lifts in my sleep, and her abs could likely grate an entire wheel of parmesan cheese. Every time the 47-year-old mother of three puts her toned physique on display while walking the red carpet or posing for an Instagram snap, our jaws practically hit the floor because she looks so darn fit.

Needless to say, Kelly works out a lot to maintain her muscular figure — four to five days each week, to be exact. We touched base with the talk show host's personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, to get all the juicy details about Kelly's fitness routine, and honestly, we started feeling a bit winded just hearing about it — and inspired to hit the gym, too!

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