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Teenager Naomi Kutin Deadlifting 300 Pounds

16-Year-Old "Supergirl" Naomi Can Deadlift More Than Twice Her Weight

Naomi Kutin is only 16 years old, but she might be the strongest teen in the world. Naomi, who has accurately been nicknamed "Supergirl," can squat 321 pounds and dead lift 365 pounds — more than twice her body weight. The New Jersey teenager is a junior in high school, and aside from participating in "regular" high school activities, Naomi competes in powerlifting competitions on the weekends. In an interview with The New York Times, Naomi said, "Normally, my mind is on school, friends, my phone, social media, stuff like that. But when I lift, I put it all to the side, and all I care about is that bar in front of me." She's been dedicated to strength training since before she was even 10 years old. At just eight years old and 88 pounds, Naomi proved her inspiring abilities by squatting 215 pounds and breaking a world record held by a 44-year-old woman.

Naomi shares her workout videos on Instagram — she jokes in her bio that she's "pretty good at picking things up" — and it's clear that she has perfect deadlift form and has nailed back squatting, too. In the videos above, you can watch her deadlift 300 pounds three times in a row, plus back squat 315 pounds with her dad standing behind her for potential support. Talk about earning the title of Supergirl! You can read Naomi's full story in the Times profile that details even more of her accomplishments. Naomi's story goes to show that being a fitness inspiration can start at any age.

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