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Treadmill Conversion Chart

How Fast Am I Moving on the Treadmill?

If frigidly chilly weather has made it unbearable to walk or run outside, you've probably moved your workouts indoors to the trusty treadmill. Although I prefer the fresh air and excitement of exercising in my neighborhood or on woodsy trails, I do love that a treadmill keeps track of my speed and how long I've been working out.

Photographer: Kat Borchart

However, the treadmill readout can be a little confusing, especially since some machines display your speed in miles per hour and some show it in minutes per mile. If you're curious to know how fast you're moving on the treadmill both per hour and per mile, then check out this handy chart. It also lists your speed and how many calories you burn at each rate.

Treadmill readouts can be drastically different from one machine to the next, especially if you don't type in your personal info, so the calorie amounts below may differ slightly from what your machine displays.

Miles per hour Minutes per mile Calories burned*
in 30 minutes
3.0 20:00 97
3.5 17:08 110
4.0 15:00 122
4.5 13:20 138
5.0 12:00 216
5.5 10:54 240
6.0 10:00 270
6.5 9:14 290
7.0 8:34 320
7.5 8:00 338
8.0 7:30 362
8.5 7:04 385
9.0 6:40 406
9.5 6:19 425
10.0 6:00 446

* Calculations are based on a zero percent incline and a 130-pound woman

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