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How Do You Stay Entertained While You Exercise?

Now that we're back in the gym and once again on the exercise bandwagon, there's something we need to talk about — sometimes, working out can be pretty boring. Case in point: your iPod that's filled with workout playlists, that roster of workout buddies you've built up, or the way you always pick the machine with a prime view of the TV. But just because exercise isn't always entertaining isn't a good excuse to skip it, especially when it comes to your health (and getting that body you've always wanted). So as we step onto treadmills and Get Fit For 2014, we want to know: how do you stay entertained while you work out?

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SeanaM SeanaM 3 years
I listen to podcasts! They usually last around the length of my workout and provide more entertainment than music without the concentration that books need.
amber512 amber512 3 years
I had to select other because I read while also listening to music and occasionally glancing up at the TVs my gym has.
ndas ndas 3 years
My gym has a movie theather, which I love. I listen to music and watch the featured movie. It keeps me distracted and the time just flies.
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