Watch the "Behind the Before and After" Documentary to Inspire You to Say No to Dieting

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Jenna Free and Lauren McAulay, the creators of The Body Love Society felt inspired to create this documentary called Behind the Before and After while being stuck at home during the pandemic. They told POPSUGAR, "We know so many people were and are struggling with food, their bodies, and weight gain during the pandemic so we were happy to create this resource right now in the new year when most people feel like they need to start a diet and 'get back on track' after 2020."

The inspiration came from seeing commercials for popular diets and "before and after" photos online. Doing the antidiet, intuitive eating work they do, they knew results like that didn't last with restrictive dieting. They thought it would be interesting to talk to these people years later and get the real scoop about what was really going on when they were trying to lose weight and how it was going now.

Free and McAulay said, "It was so cool to hear the truth behind what looks so easy and lovely on the surface, which in turn tricks us all into thinking we can do it (and should do it)." They were even able to interview a past Biggest Loser contestant. The truth came out that these restrictive diets were impossible to follow. Free and McAulay said, "Everyone was struggling behind the scenes. Even when they lost weight they weren't happy. Lots of people were binge eating, obsessed with food, etc." They said, these people were very public about their weight loss when it happened, and are "now on the body love side of things."

You'll find many notable contributors in this documentary like the author of the well-known book Intuitive Eating, Evelyn Tribole, as well as a medical doctor, and some other experts like the F*ck It Diet's Caroline Dooner, explaining why diets don't work, why they backfire, and why they're harmful.

You can view this documentary for free on February 1 exclusively on the UnDiet Collective app, which also premieres on the same day — go to that link to get on the waitlist so you can get notified when the app is live.

"It's such an important message right now in the New Year," Free and McAulay said, especially "in the midst of all the New Year, New Me diet BS that is out there right now." In this documentary, you'll learn how you can live a healthy life without restrictive dieting or pursuing weight loss.