Salsa, Shimmy, and Sweat With 7 Incredibly Catchy Latin Dance Cardio Workouts

If you get bored during "traditional" cardio (running, walking, biking, endless hours on the elliptical), we're insisting you try dance cardio. Choose your music and your routine right, and you're basically guaranteed to have a great time. And take it from us: you really can't go wrong with a Latin dance workout. Some routines teach you to salsa, jive, or mambo; others have you jumping around to infectious remixes. Either way, you'll be having so much fun, you won't realize how hard you're working until the music stops and you're dripping sweat.

We're sharing our seven favorite Latin dance cardio workouts ahead to get you moving and re-energize your cardio routine. Thank us later, because right now it's time to move, groove, and get to sweating!

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30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

This Class FitSugar workout has over 18 million views for a reason! Equinox fitness instructor Nicole Steen has the high energy to keep you motivated, even when the moves get fast (and believe us, they do).

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11-Minute Latin Dance Workout With Keaira LaShae

When you press play on this workout, you're jumping right into a fast salsa warmup featuring crossover steps and body rolls. There's no time to second-guess, so just let the music and instructor Keaira LaShae's infectious energy lead you through to the end!

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Latin Pop Mix Dance Workout

This workout is full of pop remixes to get you pumped up, moving, and sweating, paired with bodyweight exercises like knee drives, grapevines, and squats to work your whole body.

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30-Minute Latin Dance Workout

If you want some jumping, you'll love this 30-minute routine. You'll warm up with salsa, then mix in cardio moves like jumping jacks with merengue- and mambo-style dance steps. It's fast paced, but worth it!

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26-Minute Latin Dance Workout

This dance workout will work your whole body in less than 30 minutes, but you'll barely feel it because of how undeniably catchy the music and moves are. Prepare to shake your hips and get sweaty.

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Reggaeton, Salsa, and Bachata Latin Dance Workout

This workout is a little more challenging — in the first five minutes you'll be learning how to do chest pops and hip thrusts — but the music is on point, and instructor Helio Faria makes it look so fun.

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17-Minute, Full-Body Latin Dance Workout

This quick workout is great for beginners: the moves are slow and accessible but still get your whole body moving and, of course, they're set perfectly to the beat.