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Best Yoga Poses For Small Spaces

5 Yoga Poses That Require So Little Space, You Can Even Try Them in Your Dorm

Best Yoga Poses For Small Spaces
Image Source: Getty / Westend61

Adding yoga to your daily routine is supposed to be a reflective time full of zen and mindfulness. It's an escape from the stress of the real world, allowing for complete openness, flowing movement, and expansive postures. But when you're practicing in a room in which the toilet is only a clumsy leap away from your bed, that extended triangle pose suddenly seems much more complicated. Doing yoga with little space can be tricky, but these yoga poses make it easier to enjoy the same grounding benefits of studio yoga without knocking anything down or accidentally starting a small fire in the process.

Kendall Colell, a yoga instructor in her 300th hour of training, knows from experience how hard it can be to practice in a small space. "My whole freshman year, that was kind of an issue with living in the dorm," she says. "My sister and I would both want to practice and our dorm was fairly large, but we would have to take turns practicing." However, she quickly discovered that with a few variations and a little reorganization, it turns out that you can really do yoga from anywhere.

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