Check Out 8 Yoga Videos That Strengthen Your Butt — and You Can Do Them All at Home

Yoga can work your abs big time. It can also strengthen and tone your glutes (aka butt muscles), and it's a great option when you're not feeling the gym or your regular scheduled programming of weekly at-home lower-body workouts. Certified yoga instructor Caley Joyner told POPSUGAR via email that you can take up power yoga for your glutes, but functional practice that's not as fast-paced can strengthen your booty as well.

In fact, according to Joyner, one way to feel the burn in your booty is to slow down and target that specific area. Poses that accomplish this are 90/90 sits which work the gluteus medius and minimus, or your side butt muscles. Joyner explained, "things like lunges with back knee dips; Warrior 3, flexing and extending the standing knee; and Yogi Squats work the glute max." Note: the gluteus maximus is the biggest of the butt muscles.

Ahead, check out yoga videos from yoga instructors like Joyner, Adriene Mishler, and more that target your booty. You'll simply need an open space, a yoga mat, and your positive attitude. Personally, I find these useful when I'm not in the mood to pick up the weights and I want to change it up.

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30-Minute Yoga For Core and Booty From Yoga With Adriene

I do this yoga video when I want a workout but am looking for something that's less strenuous than, say, a 30-minute butt workout with equipment. Adriene Mishler walks us through a series of squats (you can use a block if you have one) as well as variations of donkey kicks on all fours. You'll be working your core, too — she includes a sequence of crunches at the end.

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30-Minute Power Yoga Flow For Abs and Butt From Class FitSugar

This Class FitSugar workout is led by yoga instructor Jess Taras and inspired by Y7 Studio. This flow is made up of many vinyasas (aka a series of poses done in sequence) that work your lower body, including poses like Warrior 2 and Twisted Chair Pose. You'll end with Bridge Pose and nice hamstring stretches.

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30-Minute Yoga For Butt and Thighs From Yoga With Adriene

This Yoga With Adriene video from 2014 focuses on yoga poses that target your glutes and thighs. You'll do Bird Dog (and Bird Dog crunches), Chair Pose, Warrior 3, and more.

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16-Minute Butt-Toning Yoga From Allie Flavio

Allie Flavio from The Journey Junkie walks us through a yoga flow that features four main moves: One-Legged Bridge Pose, Tabletop Fire Hydrant Pose, Belly Backbends, and a sequence of Romanian deadlifts.

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10-Minute Power Yoga Butt Workout From Sarah Beth Yoga

This power yoga includes donkey kicks, Shiva Squats, other squats that look like pliés, and glute bridges. It's only 10 minutes long!

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30-Minute Booty Power Vinyasa Class With Caley Joyner

Caley Joyner offers a half-hour power vinyasa class focused on the lower body and, specifically, the booty. She will lead you through sequences that include Chair Pose, Malasana or Yogi Squat, and a move that's essentially split squats.

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15-Minute Power Yoga For Butt and Legs From Cat Meffan

Cat Meffan is here to give you another reason to love yoga that works your booty. This power flow is done entirely on your feet and requires a lot of balance, so make sure you're engaging your core and really focusing on your breath to stay stable. The first move, for instance, looks similar to a pistol squat except you're holding onto your foot as you pulse downward.

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15-Minute Booty Burn Yoga For Butt and Thighs From Nora Day

In just 15 minutes, Nora Day brings us a flow that targets the booty and thighs. She writes in the YouTube description that the flow combines "some basic yoga poses and some butt burning exercises" that "emphasize the glutes through repetition." Roll out your mat and get started!