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Billie Eilish "Everything I Wanted" Full-Body Workout

I'm Completely Hypnotized by This Full-Body Workout Set to Billie Eilish's New Song

Billie Eilish's dark, haunting songs might not be the first you'd add to your workout playlist, but we, along with fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner, are here to help you reconsider that position. Maddie already created a mesmerizing full-body workout set to Billie's hit "Bad Guy," and now she's back with a fresh and gorgeous routine to Billie's newest track, "Everything I Wanted." It's choreographed to perfection, with flowing movements and seamless transitions that make the lunges, sumo squats, and side planks look more like a dance than the challenging workout that they really are. Don't be fooled: if you've ever done this many jump squats, you know exactly what they do to your legs. (Pain. A lot of pain.) Check out the totally transfixing workout above, and here's a Billie Eilish workout playlist you're gonna want to stream as soon as you're done.

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