9 Butt Workouts to Build and Strengthen Your Glutes — and All You Need Are Dumbbells

When it comes to building glute muscle, adding weight is a great way to do it. But don't worry — that doesn't limit you to just the classic moves like squats or deadlifts. You'll see those exercises in a few of these glute-building workouts we've rounded up, but there's enough variety, with moves like bridges and fire hydrants, to keep you from getting bored while targeting your butt muscles from different angles. Win-win.

As another bonus, all you need for these workouts is a pair of dumbbells (here's how to choose the right weight for you) and the internet, because all of them are right on YouTube. Try a few this week and don't forget to stretch out those glutes afterwards — you're gonna need it! (PS: some of these workouts don't come with a warmup, so make sure to complete a quick one beforehand.)

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Dumbbell Glutes Workout by MrandMrsMuscle

This 10-minute workout doesn't mess around. You'll jump straight in with goblet squats, then continue the workout with dumbbell pull-throughs, squat to side lunges, and staggered deadlifts. With three rounds in total, you'll get in and out of this workout fast, but you'll definitely be feeling it tomorrow.

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At-Home Glute Workout, Dumbbells Only by Caroline Girvan

This workout is just under 20 minutes long, with trainer Caroline Girvan focusing on slowing down the pace and squeezing the glutes on each move for max burn.

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25-Minute Lower Body Workout by Puzzle Fit

This simple, effective workout only requires one dumbbell and features moves that combine squats with knee drives and overhead presses. You really get the most out of every minute in this workout, and Crystal, the trainer behind Puzzle Fit, leads you through it from warmup to cooldown.

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32-Minute Glutes, Legs, and Thighs Workout with Weights by GymRa

This high-rep workout will wear you out fast, so remember to take breaks when you need to and focus on keeping up your form! It only requires one dumbbell, with exercises like dumbbells, lunges, and glute bridges, and trainer Kaleila Jordan takes you all the way from warmup to cooldown.

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Lower Body Workout With Weights by Rebecca Louise

This 10-minute workout from Rebecca Louise is all about fast, efficient strength work. You'll get started with deadlifts, go straight into sumo squats, then finish with a few sets of lunges and side squats.

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40-Minute Legs Workout With Weights & Band by GymRa

If you have a booty band, grab it for this 40-minute glute session — it'll add extra resistance, but you can also get a good burn without. The 40-minute workout also contains a nice mix of exercises on your feet and on your mat, including lots of bridges and fire hydrant variations.

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Full Glute Workout at Home, Dumbbells Only by Sami Bossert

This routine incorporates moves like sumo squats, lunges, bridges, and weighted fire hydrants to work and strengthen your glutes. Repeat the video two to three times to make it a full workout!

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17-Minute Butt Workout at Home by HASFit

You can get in a great glute workout in under 20 minutes, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. To complete this HASFit workout, all you need are two dumbbells and a sturdy chair, sofa, or stair for a few rounds of Bulgarian split squats.

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30-Minute Strong Butt Workout by Sydney Cummings

If you have 30 minutes and want to burn out your glutes, queue up this workout from Sydney Cummings. You'll go from standing moves like the classic squats and deadlifts to knees-down exercises like fire hydrants, and even complete a few Superman lifts on your belly.