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Eight Nights of HIIT For Hanukkah

8 Half-Hour HIIT Workouts For Every Night of Hanukkah — Are You Up For the Challenge?

Eight Nights of HIIT For Hanukkah

Sure, there might be tons of holiday workouts set to Christmas music galore, but I'm here to assure you that though Hanukkah songs are limited — and I'll leave my qualms about that at the door for now — you can absolutely pair sweat sessions with the eight-night Festival of Lights. It won't involve squats while you're eating latkes or anything related to dreidel; however, consider what comes ahead as an eight-day HIIT challenge for Hanukkah.

Read on for one 30-minute HIIT workout to try every night you light the menorah this year starting on Sunday, Dec. 22. (Note: you can wait to start until sundown on Dec. 22, instead of that day, since Hanukkah doesn't officially start until then.) Whether you fit these in before or after gathering around the menorah, it's an easy way to get cardio and strength-building intervals under your belt fast and in the comfort of your own home. Only some of the following require a pair of dumbbells, and one is a treadmill HIIT routine you can also do outside with a watch or timer. L'chaim!

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