Marathoner Emily Sisson Shared Her Top Moves For Core Strength — There's Not a Crunch in Sight

Core strength is crucial for running, and no one knows that better than Emily Sisson, a professional marathon runner who's competed at the 2020 Olympic Trials and placed sixth at the 2019 London Marathon. (In her first marathon ever, NBD.) A strong and stable core can prevent injury and help you run more efficiently, a big plus when you're a marathoner who's running for over two hours. Sisson just took to Instagram to share a few of the exercises she does for core strength, and we're adding them to our pre-run warmup, stat.

From dead bug to glute bridge to a classic elbow plank, these moves are all focused on working the abs and glutes. One thing you won't see? Crunches. "They stress my lower back and overwork my tight hip flexors!" Emily explains in the video. No complaints here! Check out the video above, and take it as a PSA to always activate your core before a run.