Work Your Butt With This Professional Ballerina's 20-Minute At-Home Barre Workout

Transitioning your workout from the gym to your home can be challenging, especially when it comes to styles of training like Pilates and barre. If you're a barre-lover and want to do workouts at home, you've got to try this 20-minute booty-centric workout from Isabella Boylston, a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater in New York City.

A background in dance isn't necessary in order to do this workout, and all you need is a pair of socks (or you can go barefoot) and something stable to hold on to, like a counter or your sofa. This workout takes 20 minutes to do, and it's great for strengthening your tiny muscles along with your major muscle groups.

Grab your socks (or a pair of ballet slippers if you have them) and some water, and check out the workout in the video above.