Jeanette Jenkins Has a Weight-Free Cardio Sesh That's Low Impact, and We're SO Ready For It

Jeanette Jenkins has been on a roll when it comes to posting workouts you can do right in your living room, backyard, bedroom (my workout area of choice sometimes!), and other places in your home. Remember her ab workout using only a pillow? Now, Jenkins has a 10-move cardio sculpt workout that targets your abs, back, arms, and lower body. It has many of our favorite qualities: it's low impact (aka there's no jumping and, she explained in her Instagram comments, there's minimal impact on the body and joints) and includes exercises that require zero equipment.

Jenkins said you should do each exercise for 30 to 60 seconds and complete the circuit two to three times through. See her demonstrate the moves in the Instagram slideshow above. Note: some slides feature more than one exercise. The 10 exercises are:

  1. Sumo squat with rotation
  2. Low-impact stiff-arm burpee
  3. Reverse lunge with double front punch
  4. Two knees and two kicks
  5. Plié squat on toes
  6. Cross torso repeater knee
  7. Extended arm and leg abduction
  8. Back extension with floor push-up
  9. Cross-body elbow to knee with leg extension
  10. Single-leg lower

This can still be a high-intensity workout even though it's not high impact, Jenkins said, explaining that "high intensity" refers to your heart rate and "high impact" means you're jumping and putting force on your joints.

If you're looking for more low-impact cardio workouts, check out these eight trainer-led YouTube videos to follow along to. Plus, you can try Jenkins's 40-minute, high-intensity cardio sculpt session on Class FitSugar or her bodyweight HIIT workout. Take your pick!