When You Need Some Time For Yourself, Check Out These Self-Care Yoga Videos

Though you can argue that all yoga is self-care — you are, after all, tending to your body in ways you may not do during your busy day — I particularly like the types of flows specifically geared toward self-care. These, often, are slower in nature, incorporate massage and bits of meditation, and also might include affirmations from the instructors teaching them.

One of my favorites is this 10-minute self-care flow from Yoga With Adriene YouTuber and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, which I've included ahead in the roundup of similar videos. It's gentle, tends to the upper body and hips, and gives you time to actually rub out knots in your neck and feet: two places that hold tension. I'm ecstatic to bring you the following videos that I hope will, in turn, settle you into a sense of stillness and self-love. Scroll through, find one that suits you, and press play. It'll be worth it.

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40-Minute Feel-Good Slow Flow With Reyna Cohan

This slow flow pairs gentle movement with a quiet meditation practice centered on the idea grounding your energy. During the movement part of class, Cohan takes you through postures like Mountain Pose, Forward Fold, and Low Crescent Lunge.

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10-Minute Yoga For Self-Care From Yoga With Adriene

This is the video I spoke about previously. It's a 10-minute flow from Adriene Mishler that includes Child's Pose; segments where you massage your neck, shoulders, and feet; as well as Thread the Needle to work your upper back. It's a quick video that I really can't get enough of.

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30-Minute Yin Yoga With Affirmations From Yoga With Kassandra

This Ottawa-based yoga instructor brings us a half-hour Yin yoga session full of poses held for minutes at a time. An example of the affirmations that she has us say is, "I love and accept myself exactly as I am." Another one goes, "The more love I give, the more I receive."

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50-Minute Self-Love Yoga From Yoga With Adriene

Melt into self-love with another yoga practice from Mishler. It brings more heat than the other gentle flows we've featured here so far, but it starts and ends in Corpse Pose (on your back). You'll do lunge sequences, plenty of planks, and even Happy Baby. Plus, she closes with some words on inner peace.

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28-Minute Yoga For Self-Care From Beyoutifulliving

This heart-opening self-care yoga is taught by Anjana Duff (her channel is called "Beyoutifulliving"), and you'll need two blocks for the flow. It's just under 28 minutes and features Child's Pose, Downward Facing Dog, lunges, and stretches for the entire body. You'll end with about seven minutes of floor work on your back.

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20-Minute Yoga For Self-Respect From Yoga With Adriene

Mishler is back with this 20-minute flow focused on another form of self-care: respect. "We're at our best . . . when we feel like we're in alignment with who we truly are," she says. You'll start in a seated position stretching the side body, chest, upper back, and neck. She sneaks some core work in throughout as well and guides you into poses that will tend to your hamstrings, hips, and more.

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10-Minute Yoga For Self-Love and Self-Care From ChriskaYoga

This ChriskaYoga video guides us through a 10-minute easy-to-follow flow for self-love. It's done entirely on the floor in seated and supine positions, and it incorporates Butterfly Pose, a figure four hamstring stretch, and almost three minutes of Corpse pose!

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45-Minute Hatha Yoga For Self-Care From Fightmaster Yoga

This 45-minute flow from Lesley Fightmaster will bring heat to the body and will have you standing and lying down. You'll even get into splits (if you can), and you'll experience a full-body stretch. (Note: Hatha yoga is a general category of yoga that most Western yoga flows fall under. According to Verywell Fit, it incorporates breathing techniques, poses, and meditation to calm the body.) You'll end in Corpse pose, and Fightmaster will recite a quote from poet Walt Whitman.

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Bonus: 12-Minute Meditation For Self-Love From Yoga With Adriene

If you're looking for meditation, this 12-minute guided session is definitely something you should try. Mishler talks you through the fact that you are worthy of love and deserve to reconnect with the love you have for yourself. She will have you breathe "like you love yourself," deeply and slowly. Plus, if you're interested, check out these yoga videos to melt away stress.