Serena Williams Shows Off Her Flexibility and Gives a Glimpse Into Her Morning Yoga Routine

You don't get to be one of the best athletes in the world without taking recovery seriously. Just ask Serena Williams, who's been sharing sneak peeks into her stretching routine lately to encourage followers to stay moving, stay limber, and stay at home as much as possible. Today, the tennis superstar uploaded a full yoga routine to Instagram, captioned "Morning yoga," to provide a glimpse into how she keeps her body loose and in top form.

In the video, shown in time lapse, we can see Williams flow into wide-legged hamstring stretches, cross-body shoulder stretches, side bends, kneeling quad stretches, Downward Dogs, and plenty of hip-flexor stretches like Low Crescent Lunges and Open Lizards. Williams's flexibility is impressive, and she even drops into side splits at the end! I know she has a lot going on what with the whole tennis player/business mogul/mom thing, but I'm just saying: if she put a virtual yoga class out there, I would definitely follow along. Check out the video above for the full flow, and if you're inspired to get stretchy yourself, try out these flexibility-boosting yoga poses.