TikTok Users, Shawn Johnson Included, Are Doing Impressive Exercises Set to Kanye's "Stronger"

When the viral Flex Challenge came out on social media, TikTok users jumped at the opportunity to show off how flexible they were. Then came the "Attention" dance trend where people started doing kicks and splits left and right. Being the avid TikTok lurker that I am (I scroll and scroll without posting anything), I came across another wildly impressive trend: the "Stronger" challenge.

In this challenge, gymnasts, dancers, and those seemingly into fitness do leg extensions, handstands, push-ups, ab exercises, or other moves along to Kanye West's "Stronger." Each beat in the popular intro — "work it, make it, do it, makes us, harder, better, faster, stronger" — advances the move, which makes it more difficult. This means, for example, a hanging windshield wiper is done to the beat of the song.

Many of the videos feature numbers to mark where you have to move next with each passing phrase from "work it" all the way through "stronger" at the end. And, because of that, people have also referred to this as the "clock challenge." You'll see what I mean — just trust me. Keep reading to check out some TikToks that showcase athleticism in a fun, Kanye way. Familiar faces include Olympic gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Laurie Hernandez!

Laurie Hernandez Doing the "Stronger" Challenge With a Press Handstand

Shawn Johnson Doing the "Stronger" Challenge With a Press Handstand

"Stronger" Challenge With Skin the Cat

"Stronger" Challenge With Leg Extensions

"Stronger" Challenge With an Ab Roller

"Stronger" Challenge With Hanging Ab Work

"Stronger" Challenge With Squats

"Stronger" Challenge With Chin-Ups

"Stronger" Challenge With Push-Ups

"Stronger" Challenge With Leg Extensions and a Tilt

"Stronger" Challenge With Pilates

"Stronger" Challenge With Hanging Windshield Wipers