I Tried a Virtual Sound Bath Class and Felt at Ease in My Hectic House

This Spring, many of us are adapting to a new normal of keeping up with our regular routines while staying home.

So far, I've been able to clock in and break a sweat from my living room, but one of my favorite habits hasn't been so easy to incorporate at home — my sound-based meditation sessions.

As a meditation newbie who struggles with calming my racing thoughts and tempering my fidgety body, incorporating crystal singing bowls into my practice has been a game changer.

Since the bowls' vibrations make sound baths so rejuvenating, I've always assumed that a video class would dilute the experience completely.

Similarly to listening to Spotify versus going to a concert, the adrenaline-rush of a live show rarely compares to a prerecorded soundtrack.

So, I left my practice in New York as I traveled to Massachusetts for an indefinite stint of social distancing.

It only took two weeks for sound baths to follow me home in the form of a work email.

I was invited to a free virtual class hosted by Susy Markoe Schieffelin, a certified yoga instructor, reiki master, sound healer, and CEO of The Copper Vessel.

Compelled by the session's focus on aiding anxiety, I decided to ditch my preconceived notions and give the 10-minute meditation my all.

And with that, I crawled into bed and followed along with guided breath.

Within seconds, I jumped right back into my practice — it was the familiar rings that grounded me to a calming place, both mentally and physically.

While I didn't feel the vibrations as strongly throughout my body, I was taken aback by the many benefits the virtual class offered that in-person sessions didn't.

My perfectly plush mattress made getting comfortable and laying still immensely easier. Surrounding myself with my favorite pillows, blankets, and candles further induced my state of ease.

There was no reason to feel self-conscious when I let out a loud exhale, nor was I distracted by the rumblings of others around me. I was completely free of judgment and self-doubt.

My room provided a safe space, while the recognizable sounds of the singing bowls immediately stabilized my mood. As my two comfort zones collided, they seamlessly complemented each other.

While I never need an excuse to crawl into bed, sliding under the covers is more empowering than ever. As long as I have a sound-based meditation on hand, I know I have a secluded space at home to combat feelings of worry and stress.