Need Something to Ease Your Digestion After Eating? This Gentle Yoga Flow Does Just That

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Overeating during a holiday meal, or any meal for that matter, can feel good in the moment, though it can leave you way too stuffed after the fact. Adriene Mishler has a 13-minute yoga practice focused on working through digestion, but it's also focused on the two G's: grace and gratitude. That means softening the body (and the belly!) and shifting away from any guilty thoughts you might have about overeating. With that in mind, she'll walk you through different breathing techniques and a slow series of movements where you'll be instructed to keep your stomach soft and your breath full.

Moving gently, you'll start with seated side reaches and side twists. My favorites that I've done in some of Adriene's other Yoga With Adriene videos are seated pelvic or hip circles. Knee to Chest is another great pose in this flow. You'll be sitting and lying on your back the entire time, so there's absolutely no need to stand at all! It's a low-intensity flow that will hopefully ease both your stomachache and your mind (if you're experiencing any negativity).

"Allow the body to go through its different stages," Adriene says toward the end. "Don't beat yourself up, don't be too hard on yourself. Be grateful, be graceful, and keep creating grooves and patterns that just keep bringing you back to what feels good." Plus, if you're looking for more, check out these yoga poses for bloating and stretches for digestion.