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Chrissy Teigen's Reverse Avocado Toast Recipe

The Surprising Avocado Toast Hack You'll Want to Steal From Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen has taken over our lives and our kitchens with her first cookbook, Cravings, but most recently, it's her Snapchat videos that are bringing out the culinary goddess in all of us. Chrissy recently shared her avocado toast hack, what she's called "reverse avo toast," and we're totally hooked.

There's no denying the pure greatness that is avocado toast, but it's simple: bread, avocado, and the occasional egg or red pepper flakes. But Chrissy's hack takes away the bread and adds breadcrumbs for the avocado "toast" of our dreams. Instead of scooping the 'cado after cutting it in half, she advises peeling off the skin, and then slicing the pieces. Avocado porn at its finest!

Chrissy put cheesy herb breadcrumbs on top of the fresh avocado, but "smothered" is the only way to describe our crumbs after copying her recipe. What a genius spin to one of our favorite treats! "Reverse avo toast" is definitely getting a page in her next cookbook.

Bonus tip: She also shared that the ultimate way to find a good avocado is that she buys four and hopes for a good one.

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