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Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022, For Your Zodiac Sign

Your June 5, 2022, Weekly Horoscope Says Something Big Is Unfolding

weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Astrology is an ancient tool that helps us navigate the highs and lows of our individual journeys. It continuously reminds us that we're part of something much greater — and that's something to keep in mind when reading your June 5 weekly horoscope.

Truth be told, every astrological moment presents both an opportunity and an obstacle. For instance, with Mercury ending its retrograde and getting back to business as usual, you're more likely to experience an influx of messages, epiphanies, and revelations. You likely noticed both your mental and intuitive awareness become especially heightened between June 2 and 3, which is when the messenger planet began to recalibrate before stationing direct. Imagine seeing the puzzle pieces, slowly but surely, starting to fall into place. However, in addition to the "I need to see to believe" mentality that comes with Mercury in Taurus, the messenger planet is at odds with Saturn retrograde, which creates blockages and challenges around decision making and visions of the future. Things may feel like they're still unclear, but trust that it won't be this way for long.

As it is, Mercury direct in stability-seeking Taurus is already alleviating some of the uncertainty and brain fog — but we can't disregard the other astrological aspects that are at play. The week of June 5 kicks off fairly quietly, thanks to the moon's opposition to Saturn retrograde since the taskmaster planet can be stifling for a playful moon in Leo. Similar to a strict parent or authority figure asking the children to keep the noise down, it's easy to feel misunderstood or burdened at this time.

The vibe becomes a bit more soothing on June 6 upon the moon's shift into methodical Virgo, especially since it will form a sweet trine to harmony-seeking Venus in its sensually driven sign of rulership, Taurus. All in all, this grounding synergy can help us settle into our bodies and see the bliss in simplicity. The following day, the Virgo moon will reach its first-quarter phase, which serves as a catalyst for significant breakthroughs ahead. The moon will also link up with experimental Uranus, adding spontaneity and unpredictability to the dynamic. Consider this an opportunity to tap into your higher mind and explore the possibilities. Then, Mercury will perfect its trine to Pluto retrograde on June 10, triggering a shift in our perception while highlighting some of the energies we worked with during the eclipses in November 2021 and May 2022.

Mercury is in not only harmony with revelatory Pluto, but also dreamy Neptune. This means that just because you can't see the big picture right away doesn't mean you can't feel something unfolding in the background. Your intuition is nudging you, because it knows. Do you trust it? The week comes to a close with a dazzling Venus-Uranus conjunction, electrifying our hearts and revolutionizing our value systems in the process. Steer away from attachments, and be sure to keep an open mind.

If you're wondering what this week has in store for you, read on for your weekly horoscope for June 5 through June 11, according to your zodiac sign and your rising sign. For a look at the whole month, check out your June horoscope, and for a look at your year overall, read your 2022 horoscope.

aries weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Aries (March 21-April 19) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Don't hesitate to make it all about you, Aries. There's a difference between self-love and selfishness, but the week of June 5 is encouraging you to tend to yourself. Whether it's regarding a personal hobby or a tedious work routine, don't hesitate to disconnect and do what's right for you. On June 6, a charming trine between the moon and Venus will bring focus to the details of your day-to-day as well as the sweetness you often forget to celebrate. You're revolutionizing the foundation of your lifestyle and experimenting along the way. This is also an opportunity to break free from old habits and invest more of your time and energy into acts of mindfulness, whether personally or professionally speaking.

On June 10, Mercury will harmonize with Pluto retrograde, which, in turn, sharpens everything from your powers of persuasion to your sense of authority. How have you taken charge of your current reality, and will you continue to put in the effort? The week comes to a close with a dashing Venus-Uranus meetup, shaking up your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, and values. Change of heart? Perhaps, but more importantly, the cosmos is urging you to embrace the eccentricities of the unknown, because change is the only thing that is constant.

taurus weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Something's gotta give, Taurus. You may not be fond of change, but the week of June 5 is shedding light on what's no longer resonating with your highest vibration. The beginning of the week could be a bit frustrating given the moon's opposition to Saturn retrograde — if you experience any issues with an authority figure, consider this an opportunity to cultivate more balance in your personal and external reality. You'll likely feel more grounded upon the moon's shift into Virgo on June 6, as it will also harmonize with your planetary ruler, Venus, in the process.

Given the exhilarating essence of freedom-loving Uranus in your sign, it's important to keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities. This is your canvas, and the paintbrush is in your hands. Don't hesitate to color outside of the lines. On June 10, Mercury will link up with powerhouse Pluto, which, in turn, enhances everything from your intuitive perception to your visions of the future. Last but certainly not least, the week ends on quite an erratic note, as Venus will join forces with Uranus in your sign. Set yourself free. Your sparkling aesthetic and sense of self is nothing short of effervescent. You're starting a revolution by simply being yourself.

gemini weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

It's still your birthday season, so I hope you're celebrating with your loved ones, Gemini. In the meantime, the week of June 5 will kick off on a more serious note given the moon's opposition to structured Saturn, which means you're likely torn between celebrating with your peers vs. focusing on your long-term goals. This could be what inspires you to lay low and relax on June 6 and 7, as the first quarter moon in Virgo ignites your cozy fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. More importantly, the moon will harmonize with Venus and Uranus, highlighting everything from your unconscious desires to the revolution of your values. A new version of you is awakening.

On June 10, your celestial ruler, Mercury, will meet up with transformative Pluto in your intimate eighth house of mergers, which will, in turn, heighten your intuitive abilities and bring clarity to the foundation of your exchanges. Sounds eerie, but it wouldn't hurt to protect your passwords and secure your online data at this time, especially when considering the Venus-Uranus conjunction happening on June 11. The moon will be in Scorpio and in direct opposition to Venus and Uranus (via your 12th house of secrets and privacy), so protect your energy.

cancer weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

The more you know, the more indecisive you become, Cancer. The week begins on a paradoxical note, given the moon's journey through Leo (in your sensually driven second house of comfort) while in opposition to taskmaster Saturn. That means that despite your best efforts to have a little fun on June 5, the influence of Saturn could feel quite burdensome, perhaps more so for those of you in a commitment, whether personally or professionally. On a brighter note, there's an opportunity to ground your energy on June 6 and 7, when the moon shifts into Virgo. The first-quarter-phase moon will harmonize with Venus and Uranus, which brings excitement and spontaneity to your friendship groups and virtual communications.

Your sense of belonging in the world is shifting, but these changes could feel more radical than you expected. Having said that, it's best to not attach yourself to a specific outcome and remain open to the possibilities instead. Speaking of radical, harmony-seeking Venus will conjunct rebellious Uranus in Taurus on June 11, so chances are your social calendar and social channels will be buzzing. Your visions of the future are changing. Remember that sometimes things don't turn out as expected, but that's what makes it so special. Enjoy the journey.

leo weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

You're doing what you do best and taking the lead, Leo. If things feel stagnant towards the beginning of the week, don't be discouraged. The moon will be making an opposition to taskmaster Saturn and a square to Mercury on June 5 — so, amidst doing everything in your power to assert your will, you're likely to experience friction with a significant other, whether personally or professionally. Luckily, the energy begins to ground upon the moon's shift into Virgo the following day. Before its first-quarter phase on June 7, the moon will meet with Venus in a charming trine.

You may receive accolades in the workplace, perhaps unexpectedly so. On June 10, savvy Mercury will harmonize with taboo-like Pluto, adding a layer of intensity and passion to your professional exchanges as well as the dynamic of your day-to-day life. Having said that, if you've been experiencing a change of heart with regards to career matters or your reputation in the world, this week's Venus-Uranus conjunction will be sure to shake things up. For instance, some of you may decide to spontaneously ask for a raise or switch career paths. Either way, expect the unexpected and keep an open mind.

virgo weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Everything is happening in divine timing, Virgo. You're more likely to experience feelings of restriction and limitation this week, especially on June 5, when the Leo moon squares off with Mercury and makes an opposition to taskmaster Saturn. You could be looking forward to getting some rest and kicking it back, but you can't seem to stop thinking about your tedious to-do list. Others of you could feel a pull towards a whole new reality and still not have a clue on how to get there. Sounds repetitive, but the cosmos is encouraging you to trust the process.

Before this week's first quarter moon in your sign on June 7, Luna will harmonize with luscious Venus, followed by rebellious Uranus, via your expansive ninth house of adventure. Are you ready to get down to business? Whether it's a new identity you're doing everything in your power to crystalize or the vigorous workout regimen you've been dedicated to, the doors to the future you crave are opening before your eyes. As if this weren't enough to quench your curiosities, your celestial ruler, Mercury, will link up with transformative Pluto on June 10, which can be equally as insightful as it is intense. For some of you, this could revolve around a romantic love interest who's at a distance from you, while others of you discover a desire or urge you've been keeping below the surface. Either way, Venus's conjunction to freedom-loving Uranus on June 11 is bound to shake things up, so much so, many of you will experience either a change of heart or an unexpected desire to relocate.

libra weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Others may or may not be on the same page with you, but you still have to do you, Libra. The week of June 5 begins with the sun sextile the wounded healer, Chiron, which could, in turn, bring old wounds or fears surrounding your relationships to the surface. If this wasn't enough of a damper, the Leo moon will also be in opposition to taskmaster Saturn, creating friction or feelings of limitation around your heart's desires and sense of freedom. Don't dwell on these uncertainties; the rest of the week presents you with an opportunity to go inward and check-in with yourself.

Upon the moon's journey through Virgo (in your 12th house of secrets and inhibitions) on June 6 and 7, it will harmonize with your celestial ruler, Venus, and rebellious Uranus. Whether it's a sudden revelation or the desire to break free from an entanglement that's been stifling your authenticity, chances are the majority of you are planning and strategizing next steps behind the scenes. Revelatory and taboo-like conversations are also likely this week, especially when considering Mercury's trine to Pluto retrograde on June 10. This could revolve around a sibling, family dynamic, or a shared living space. You can definitely expect the unexpected on June 11, when Venus conjuncts Uranus, as it will more than likely throw a curveball when it comes to matters of intimacy.

scorpio weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

It's time for a change, Scorpio. Many of you have been in hibernation mode, working tirelessly on your to-dos and personal endeavors, but this week is encouraging you to step outside of your bat cave and spend time with friends and family. Although before we skip to the good part, the week of June 5 begins on a frustrating note, as the Leo moon will be in opposition to Saturn, all the while clashing with Mercury in your relationship sector. Right now, you're more likely to succumb to a battle of wills; do your best to steer away from petty conflict. Besides, the rest of the week will be a whole lot sweeter.

While the moon glimmers through Virgo on June 6 and 7, it will harmonize with both Venus and Uranus in your relationship sector. Maybe it's an unexpected crush, interaction with someone in your friend group, or an exciting collaboration you've got in the works. Something's shifting in your personal and professional life, and you're finding the confidence and courage to make the necessary moves. In case you need a little extra push, Mercury will trine your modern ruler, Pluto, on June 10 — how you harness this energy, however, depends on you. (Use it wisely.) The week is bound to end on a surprising note, considering Venus's close proximity to change-maker Uranus in your relationship sector. Unexpected new beginnings are afoot.

sagittarius weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Your healing is a work in progress, so open your heart when you feel ready to do so, Sagittarius. This is especially significant on June 5, when the sun (in your relationship sector) harmonizes with the wounded healer, Chiron. You may be more likely to question a significant other's loyalty or simply come to terms with the fact that you're not ready to take things to the next level. This isn't always the easiest to endure, but the moon's opposition to Saturn and square to Mercury doesn't make it any easier. Whether personally or professionally, things could feel at a standstill — but there's no need to add more pressure.

The good news is, while the moon shines through Virgo on June 6 and 7, it will link up with Venus and Uranus (via your sixth house of daily rituals), which brings harmony and a little excitement to your day-to-day lifestyle. Otherwise, consider this an opportunity to change things up in your work routine or health habits. On June 10, Mercury will trine Pluto retrograde, which can be equally as obsessive as it is transformative. Be sure to find a physical outlet to de-stress and release pent-up energy.

capricorn weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

You're often recognized for your perseverance and notoriety, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement, Capricorn. You're evolving more and more each day, and the week of June 5 is showing you this firsthand. Bad news first? Amidst the moon's journey through Leo, you're more likely to crave intimacy and the desire to merge with another mind, body, and soul. However, the moon will be in opposition with your taskmaster ruler, Saturn, all the while squaring Mercury in the process. That means despite your best efforts, you could be experiencing feelings of restriction or limitation with regard to your sense of security at this time. It could be something as silly as being torn between splurging on a night out with your crush vs. staying committed to your budget.

Fortunately, while the moon journeys through Virgo on June 6 and 7, the moon (celestial ruler of your relationship sector) will harmonize with Venus and Uranus in your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. Whether romantically or creatively, the energies at play make it a bit easier to stay grounded. That said, it's best to be on your A-game on June 10, when Mercury links up with Pluto in your sign, as taboo or emotionally charged conversations will more than likely take place. Ironically, the week will come to a close on a spontaneous note, as Venus conjuncts Uranus, which will, in turn, inspire an unexpected change of heart in the process.

aquarius weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Meditate on next steps, and then go with the flow, Aquarius. The week of June 5 could kick off on a frustrating note, and for more reasons than one. In addition to the Leo moon being in opposition with Saturn in your sign, it will also face off with Mercury, which can be challenging for communication. Either way, feelings of restriction and limitation around agreements, compromise, and significant others are likely. On June 6 and 7, while the moon glimmers through Virgo and your intimate eighth house of mergers, it will harmonize with Venus and Uranus in the process. Whether you're single or already romantically involved, this celestial synergy can bring healing and grounding to shared living spaces and family dynamics.

On another note, Mercury's trine to Pluto retrograde on June 10 could bring significant conversations to the surface, namely those that were initially swept under the rug. However, the end of the week could also catch you off guard, as Venus will link up with your modern ruler, Uranus. This could result in the sudden urge to break free from an emotional foundation or residential area or do something totally spontaneous.

pisces weekly horoscope for June 5, 2022

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Weekly Horoscope For June 5, 2022

Guard your energy and nurture your sacred space, Pisces. The week of June 5 will begin on a tense note, as the moon will be at odds with both Saturn and Mercury, which triggers feelings of restriction in your day-to-day life and general peace of mind. Suggestion: tend to your automobile and means of transportation, whether it's the usual maintenance or refueling before you head to work. Mercury rules transportation, and it will be transiting through your third house of mobility. On a brighter note, upon the moon's shift into Virgo the following day, it will harmonize with flirty Venus in your communication sector, followed by Uranus on June 7.

Waiting for a potential job offer? Whether it's a friendly collaboration or a new project in your professional life, a catalyzing trine between Mercury and Pluto retrograde on June 10 could bring forth some interesting insight. You're also more direct and perhaps even cutting with your messaging — so be mindful of your exchanges. Some of you could get the tea on something secretive. This, ironically, goes hand in hand with this week's groovy Venus-Uranus conjunction, as it could potentially bring spontaneity, chaos, and unexpected information to your doorstep. Others of you, however, may opt for an impromptu getaway with a romantic interest.

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