The Best, Biggest, and Most Shocking Celebrity Tattoos of 2020 . . . So Far

It's hard to a remember that there was once a time when we knew more about the interior design of a celebrity's bathroom than we did about their tattoos. But times change and MTV shows get canceled. In 2020, celebrities keep their homes private, like really private, and their tattoos public. It's more common than ever before that a celebrity reveals to their millions of Instagram followers the tiny tattoo they got on their wrist last Wednesday. Even with so much sharing, it's hard to keep up with how many tattoos our favorite celebrities are collecting, which is exactly why we figured it was time to compile all the best celebrity tattoos of the year — well, so far.

From Ariana Grande's secret butterfly tattoo to Miley Cyrus's ever-growing collection and Cardi B's extra-large thigh piece, it's time to check out the celebrity tattoo track record for 2020.

Hailey Bieber's "J" Finger Tattoo

In October, Hailey Bieber got a touching tattoo for her husband Justin Bieber — a cursive "J" on her ring finger. Celebrity tattoo artist Sanghyuk Ko — known on Instagram as Mr. K — shared a picture of the new tiny tattoo on his Instagram. "J✨ is for @justinbieber," read his caption. "It was PLEASURE for your trust on this meaningful piece."

Joe Jonas's Keyhole Tattoo

Joe Jonas added another new tattoo to his ever-growing collection in October. He visited Los Angeles tattoo artist NAL for an eye looking through a keyhole. While it still hasn't been confirmed, fans think it's of his wife Sophie Turner's eye.

Maddie Ziegler's "Frances" Tattoo

In early October Maddie Ziegler, who just turned 18, got her first tattoo by Dr. Woo. It reads "Frances" on her ribs and is her grandmother's name, as well as her younger sibling's middle name.

Matthew Koma's "Hilary" Tattoo

Matthew Koman showed us just how much he loves his wife, Hilary Duff, by getting her name tattooed on his butt in September.

Noah Cyrus's "Cowgirls Cry" Tattoo

During a small get-together, Noah Cyrus and her best friend got the phrase "Cowgirls cry" on their upper thigh areas, courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy.

Demi Lovato's Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Demi Lovato added onto her tattoo collection in September with a butterfly on her neck. While she hasn't specified the meaning behind the ink, fans believe it symbolizes her journey to sobriety.

Dove Cameron "She" Tattoo

Dove Cameron got the word "She" tattooed on her finger in August. She hasn't confirmed its exact meaning, but fans have speculated that the ink is a nod to Harry Styles and his song "She" off of his 2019 Fine Line album.

Storm Reid's Bible Verse Tattoo

For her 17th birthday in July, Storm Reid treated herself to her first tattoo. It's of a Bible verse on the inside of her arm by Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist.

Lucy Hale's "Elvis" Tattoo

In June, Lucy Hale got two new tattoos honoring her dog Elvis and her nieces and nephew by Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone.

Cardi B's Peacock Tattoo

In June, Cardi B showed off her newly touched up thigh piece. The colorful peacock design on her side was given an overhaul by tattoo artist Jamie Schene.

Raven-Symoné's "PM" Tattoo

In June, Raven-Symoné and Miranda Maday got married and commemorated the special day with matching tattoos. The "PM" on their fingers symbolizes the first letter of each person's last name, right above their new wedding rings.

Vanessa Hudgens's Angel Tattoo

In March, Vanessa Hudgens got a "divine feminine angel" tattooed on her side by celebrity favorite tattoo artist Dragon of Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City.

Ariana Grande's Butterfly Tattoo
Getty/Emma McIntyre.

Ariana Grande's Butterfly Tattoo

At this year's Grammys, Grande slyly revealed a new tattoo fans had no idea she had: a sizable butterfly tattoo on the back of her left arm. Grande is one of the few celebrities to rarely make open comments about her ink, but it's assumed she got this design to match her close friend Courtney Chipolone.

Orlando Bloom's Son Tribute

Few of us ever thought we'd be talking so much about Orlando Bloom and his tattoos . . . and then he got a misspelled tattoo in honor of his son. The dots and dashes on his arm are actually his son's name, Flynn, spelled out in Morse code. Unfortunately, the first time around, the code spelled out "Frynn" and not "Flynn." Luckily, he quickly fixed it with an extra dot and visit to his tattoo artist. He also added a tiny tribute to his dog, Sidi, in the process.

Selena Gomez's "Rare" Tattoo

In honor of her new album Rare, Gomez added a tattoo of the word behind her right ear, courtesy of tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy in New York. Of course, this isn't Gomez's first piece of ink — she has 12 tattoos in total.

Vanessa Hudgens's Sunflower Tattoo

It's rare that we see a celebrity sport a colorful tattoo, but Vanessa Hudgens added a tiny sunflower tattoo to her collection earlier this year.

Presley Gerber's "Misunderstood" Tattoo

I think it's safe to dub Presley Gerber's face tattoo the most shocking of 2020. Of course, the very visible ink was met with some backlash on social media, which Gerber apparently addressed on an Instagram Live in February. According to Page Six, Gerber reportedly told viewers, "If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn't want this, I wouldn't have done it. I think that's a pretty obvious thing."

Luna Blaise's "Strawberry Fields" Tattoo

One of tattoo artist JonBoy's signatures is red-ink tattoos, which he displayed on Manifest actress Luna Blaise. Fans might safely assume the "Strawberry Fields" tattoo was inspired by The Beatles, although Blaise has yet to confirm.

Luna Blaise's Heart Tattoos

Blaise also added these two tiny hearts to her finger while visiting JonBoy in early February.

Amelia Gray Hamlin's "Lady" Tattoo

JonBoy's other signature: script tattoos. He added this script text of the word "Lady" to Amelia Gray Hamlin's inner arm back in February.

Ashley Benson's "California California" Tattoo

Ashley Benson is big fan of matching tattoos. Case in point: she added the word "California" to her mid back to match her friend Tara as an homage to their home state.

Ashley Benson's "Pommes Frites" Tattoo

A day later, JonBoy revealed that Benson and Tara got a second set of matching tattoos. This time, it was dedicated to what is probably their — and our — favorite food: pommes frites (aka french fries).

Justin Bieber's Collar Wreath Tattoo

Justin Bieber is well on his way to being tatted from head to toe, literally — just look at his new neck and collarbone tattoos. First he added the bird and word "Forever" to his neck in late December. By the end of January, Bieber was spotted with this delicate leaf design wrapped around his collarbone. Sadly, Bieber did not reveal any of the meanings behind his ink in Seasons, but according to Cosmopolitan, the leaf tattoo closely resembles a laurel wreath, which is often used as a symbol for those who persevere.

Yara Shahidi's Wrist Tattoo

Yara Shahidi added two tattoos to her tiny collection almost completely under the radar this year. In early February, tattoo artist Evan revealed the new ink on his Instagram, mentioning that the two new designs — the word "soul" seemingly written in Farsi on Shahidi's wrist and a map location pin on her foot — bring her collection to a total of three. Our only question: where's the third hiding? Turns out, it's on her upper right arm. It's the number "63" representing the year 1963, a pivotal year in the Civil Rights Movement.

Kaia Gerber's Shoulder Tattoo

Just like her brother, Kaia Gerber is quickly building an impressive tattoo collection of her own. Her most recent: a delicate tattoo of two arms wrapping into the shape of a heart. It's one of her most visible tattoos to date, sitting on the side of her right arm.

Miley Cyrus's Matisse Tattoo

Would it be a new year if it didn't include Miley Cyrus adding to her collection of over 30 tattoos? Not at all. It took her a few months, but Cyrus closed out February with an artistic design inspired by famous artist Henri Matisse and his illustrations in Dance Me to the End of Love, a book that visualized Leonard Cohen's song of the same name.

LeBron James's Kobe Tribute

In late January, LeBron James added a snake tattoo on his leg to pay tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. James showed off the process of getting the tattoo on Instagram, garnering lots of positive attention from fans regarding the massive piece of ink. The tattoo's snake imagery, drawn by artist Vanessa Aurelia, is in reference to Bryant's nickname, Black Mamba.

Joey King's Arm Tattoo

It's not confirmed when Joey King added this abstract tattoo to the back of her arm, but it was first publicly revealed during award season. While we don't know exactly what the detailed design means, we do know it was created by LA artist Dr. Woo.