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54 Outdoor Activities For Kids

54 Outdoor Activities That Even Indoor Kids Will Enjoy

54 Outdoor Activities For Kids
Image Source: Getty / Noel Hendrickson

Playing outside is one of the cornerstones of childhood. Not only does it create core memories, it also promotes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

But keeping kids entertained during the long summer break or when it gets dark early in winter can make planning activities challenging. Or, if you're not a self-described "outdoor person" yourself, you may not know what, exactly, to do with your kids outside. The good news is that playing outdoors doesn't have to involve elaborate equipment, long trips, intense sports, or new toys. From classics like hopscotch and bike rides to family adventures like camping, there are plenty of outdoor activities kids can do year-round, no matter their age.

Ahead, we've gathered 54 outdoor activities for kids — including toddlers and preschoolers — that span all four seasons, so you don't need to let the weather stop your family from enjoying the outdoors.

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