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Melania Trump's Controversial Outfits

Keeping Up With Melania Trump's Outfit Controversies Is a Full-Time Job

Melania's Gardening Outfit
Image Source: Getty / Win McNamee

Before Melania Trump stepped into her role as first lady, her wardrobe was already a popular debate. Critics and fans alike paid attention to what she wore on the campaign trail — Remember the Gucci pussy-bow blouse? — and then afterward followed her every style move to the White House. We've deduced that her fashion taste includes plenty of designerwear and her outfits are always tailored and sophisticated. But there may be another common thread to Melania's outfits, and that's their ability to incite controversy.

Whether or not Melania was aware of committing some fashion faux pas, internet users made it known. If you recall the most infamous incident, it involved her wearing Manolo Blahnik heels to visit Hurricane Harvey victims. Melania has a laundry list of fashion controversies, so catch up on them ahead. We're betting there will be more.

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