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10-Minute Butt Workout | Video

Build a Better Backside: 10-Minute Butt Workout

With bikini season just around the corner, it is time to build a better backside. Take 10 minutes to tone, lift, and sculpt your glutes with this workout created by trainer Christine Bullock. With no equipment needed, there's no excuse not to press play and get at it!

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lcamino80 lcamino80 2 years

What brand are those pink and purple pants?

woodjaclyn woodjaclyn 3 years

I thought her instructions were great! Maybe try watching the video one time through first before working out to it....and then watch the video a second time while working out to it. Might help if you're having a hard time following.
And you can always pause the video and practice the move...then press play again.

Aubrey15580726 Aubrey15580726 3 years

Loved this workout! Great for thighs and butt!

aliciah75804 aliciah75804 3 years

This work out was great but I don't recommend it for a beginner or someone with knee issues.

elysebarletta elysebarletta 3 years

This workout would be so much more efficient if the instructor actually showed the exercises before the workout. Right as I was figuring out the move, she moved on to the next exercise. I understand this is a quickie workout, but it's not a workout if we can't follow along due to less than perfect instruction.

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