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25-Minute Treadmill Workout For Beginners

Get Back Into Shape With This 25-Minute Walk-Run Workout For Beginners

High angle view of two female athletes talking while warming up and jogging on treadmill.

Whether you're new to working out or ready to get back into the gym, it's never a good idea to begin with intense workouts. Workouts like HIIT and sprinting are great, but if you've never done them before or are at the beginning of your fitness journey, you may end up feeling completely demotivated (because these workouts are too challenging) or even injure yourself. Instead, we advise getting back into shape with a beginner's training program like this four-week beginner's guide, or slowly building up your endurance and strength.

To help you get back into the groove of things, Matt Thorsen, MS, product specialist at SportsArt created this walk-run workout that will ease you into cardio workouts. The speeds listed below are not set in stone, and we recommend adjusting them to suit your goals and level.

Now, lace up your favorite pair of running shoes and get ready to work!

Time Speed (MPH) Incline Notes
0:00-5:00 2-3 0 Warmup
5:00-6:00 3 0 Walk
6:00-7:00 6 0 Run
7:00-8:00 3 0 Walk
8:00-9:00 6 0 Run
9:00-10:00 3 0 Walk
10:00-11:00 6 0 Run
11:00-12:00 3 0 Walk
12:00-13:00 6 0 Run
13:00-14:00 3 0 Walk
14:00-15:00 6 0 Run
15:00-16:00 3 0 Walk
16:00-17:00 6 0 Run
17:00-18:00 3 0 Walk
18:00-19:00 6 0 Run
19:00-20:00 3 0 Walk
20:00-21:00 6 0 Run
21:00-22:00 3 0 Walk
22:00-23:00 6 0 Run
23:00-25:00 2-3 0 Cooldown

Click here for a printable version of this workout. Be sure to stretch or foam-roll afterward.

Image Source: Getty / skynesher
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