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600-Rep Butt Workout From Emkfit

You'll Finish a Whopping 600 Reps at the End of This Booty-Focused Workout Challenge

Canfitpro-certified personal trainer Emily Thorne, otherwise known as Emkfit on YouTube, posts a plethora of fantastic dance-inspired HIIT workouts, but the session she shared recently might just take the cake (literally). Thorne's 600-rep "bigger booty" challenge features six different exercises — sumo squats, donkey kicks, glute bridges, clamshells or leg raises (you decide), frog thrusts, and single-leg glute bridges — done for 20 reps each and five rounds total.

For some moves, you'll do 10 reps on each side, and the last two rounds involve pulsing for extra intensity. As an example, you'll complete 10 sumo squats followed by 10 pulsing sumo squats. The whole thing takes about 25 minutes total, and Thorne adds that you can use a booty band if you have one at home. Make sure to warm up first and finish with a proper cooldown stretch. What do you say? Follow along, and get your butt into gear!

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