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10-minute Workouts
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Full-Body Toning Workout

10 Minutes to Tighten and Tone Your Entire Body!

Take 10 minutes to work your entire body with this body-weight workout that's full of fun variations on classic exercises. Press play, and get pumped up!

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umbrella205 umbrella205 3 years
why are all the videos so choppy? cant get them to play in a continuous flow and cant pause them once they start to play ):
Michelle15297599 Michelle15297599 3 years
does this mean you do this workout 3 times a day to get your 30min ? or is this really 10min and your done for the day?
Community-Assistant Community-Assistant 3 years
@Veronica15289661 We encourage you to check out our POPSUGAR Active app! Here you can browse our workout videos and guides on the go, customize routines, and schedule workouts!
Veronica15289661 Veronica15289661 3 years
How do I copy this to my ipod so that I can take it to the gym- great work out that I will surely try if I can remember all of the different exercises
LeighAnnWells LeighAnnWells 3 years
I noticed when I do all my bones pop-Idk if it has to do with when I broke my back 2 years ago or if by doing these it just means that I am strengthening my back & all my bones? I'd love to know what is going on and if anyone can help me out on this?
RachelDread RachelDread 3 years
why are my videos all choppy? they are not working :(
Diane15267757 Diane15267757 3 years
Remember it only takes 10 minutes a day. I think I will give it a try. Why not join me.
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