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How to Do a Reverse Burpee

The Move You Love to Hate — Reversed

Whether you love (or hate) the classic burpee, you can't argue that it's a great cardio move that works every muscle. Here's a playful variation to try that targets the core big time — it's so fun your abs won't even realize they're getting majorly ripped. And because it's still a burpee, your legs and butt will get an equally good workout.

  1. Begin standing with the arms extended overhead.
  2. Bend the knees and, in a controlled motion, lower your tush all the way to the floor.
  3. Roll onto your back, drawing your knees toward your face.
  4. Use momentum to kick forward, landing on the feet.
  5. Rise to stand, and do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can. Remember to keep your elbows bent and palms off the floor while you rise so you're using your core muscles and not your hands to help you get up.

Start off rolling through 10 in a row, or if you're ready to step it up, try this challenge: see how many reverse burpees you can do safely and effectively in one minute.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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