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How to Get a Good Home Workout

1 Piece of Equipment You Need (and Probably Have) to Maximize Your Home Workouts

How to Get a Good Home Workout
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I'm a firm believer that, with the right mindset and an open space, you can accomplish a good workout pretty much anywhere. Do bodyweight HIIT in your bedroom! Pick up some dumbbells and get your strength training on in the comfort of your den. If you're lucky and have a treadmill or bike, take advantage! (Hills are the best type of treadmill routine for your booty, FYI.) But, depending on who you are and what gets you motivated, working out at home might not be the most productive thing (just think of all the potential distractions!). If you find yourself struggling, we've got some trainer-approved advice for how to fix that.

Johanna Devries, certified personal trainer known as Grow With Jo on Instagram, understands that the struggle is real sometimes, so she gave POPSUGAR three simple tips for making the most out of home workouts. Ahead, check out these tips that will ensure you focus on form, challenge yourself, stay moving until your cooldown stretch, and actually enjoy your sweat sessions.

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