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Kelsey Wells Machine Leg Workout

Blast Your Lower Body With This Trainer's Effective and Strengthening 3-Move Workout

Strength machines may be confusing or even intimidating to use, but fortunately, NASM-certified trainer Kelsey Wells utilizes her Instagram to help us feel more comfortable and confident at the gym.

Kelsey's three-move workout will help you increase your lower-body strength and build lean muscle. The workout only uses two machines — the leg press and hamstring curl machine — and is done in a pyramid style, "increasing weight as you decrease reps," Kelsey said. If you're ready for a lower-body blast, check out her workout ahead.

The Leg Workout

Before getting started, be sure to make sure you're warmed up (we suggest something like this dynamic warmup). "Be sure to rest between every set" in order for your muscles to recover, Kelsey advised. Don't forget to cool down once you're done.


Watch how Kelsey performs each move in the video above.

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