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Paleo Snack Ideas

18 Paleo Snacks Even a Caveman Would Love

Paleo Snack Ideas

If you're unfamiliar with the Paleo diet, it's a modern take on the diets our cavemen ancestors followed. The Paleo diet consists primarily of fish, grass-fed meats, eggs, produce, and nuts, while grains, milk products, refined sugars, and other processed foods are off-limits.

Although it's designed to improve a person's overall health, especially digestive issues, ditching high-calorie grains, dairy products, and processed foods can often result in weight loss, which is one reason the Paleo diet is gaining in popularity. It can also help improve athletic performance in some, so runners and other athletes are taking to this hunter-gatherer diet as well. Whatever your reason, if you're looking for some tasty and filling snack ideas, give these a whirl.

— Additional reporting by Lizzie Fuhr

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