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Simone De La Rue Jump Rope Workout

Your Head Will Spin When You Watch Trainer Simone De La Rue's Intense Jump Rope Workout

If you don't already have a jump rope in your workout arsenal, celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue will convince you to hop (hah, pun semi-intended) on the bandwagon ASAP. The Revenge Body star trainer recently shared her jump rope workout routine on Instagram, and holy smokes, it looks intense!

In the video, Simone starts by doing simple up-and-down jumping motions, but then she incorporates a series of alternating knee bends, leg kicks, high knees, criss-cross movements, and varying wrist-flicking speeds to kick things up a notch β€” or, like, 17 notches, TBH. Just watching her tear through the sequence so quickly has us feeling out of breath.

Jumping rope is an excellent cardio workout, so it's no wonder that Simone, the ultimate queen of dance cardio, is a fan of the old-school equipment. Watch the video above to see Simone's impressive fat-torching sequence, and then try out this 20-minute toning jump rope workout after if you're still hungry for more sweatin'.

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