From "Boombayah" to "Ice Cream," These Blackpink Workouts Are Too Freaking Good

We waited two long years for a Blackpink comeback, and now that it's here, I personally refuse to listen to anything else. That goes double for any time I'm working out, because Blackpink have some of the best workout songs out there, no matter what kind of exercise you're doing. "Kill This Love" makes me want to go crush a HIIT workout, but when I hear "Ice Cream," all I want is an upbeat dance cardio routine.

Luckily there's no need to choose. With the amount of Blackpink workouts out there, we can have it all, from dance cardio routines to ab workouts, all set to intense songs from across their discography. We sifted through YouTube to find the best of the best Blackpink workouts, which you can check out ahead. All that's left is to grab your water bottle, hit play, and get ready to do Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa proud.

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"Pretty Savage" Pilates Workout

Your abs, butt, and arms all get in on the fun with this "Pretty Savage" Pilates workout led by STOTT-certified Pilates instructor Tory Rivera. Just prepare yourself — there's a core-shaking plank section, and the transitions are fast enough to get your lungs working overtime, but when you turn up the volume on this heart-pumping track, you'll feel so good.

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"Boombayah" Dance Workout

"Boombayah" is one of my personal favorite Blackpink workout songs, so of course I can't get enough of this dance workout. The on-point choreography is beginner-friendly but still intense and fierce enough to do justice to the original moves.

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"Ice Cream" Full-Body Dance Workout

"Ice Cream" is probably already stuck in your head, so let's throw some dance moves over it and call it a workout! Fitness YouTuber MadFit combines bodyweight moves like squats and lunges with high-energy choreography in the chorus, creating one of those workouts that's so fun, you don't even realize how much you're sweating.

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"Ddu-du Ddu-du" Dance Workout

Four million views don't lie: this high-intensity dance workout is so legit. The choreography in the chorus is all body rolls, with moves that make you feel like you're really in the iconic "Ddu-du Ddu-du" video.

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"Lovesick Girls" Cardio Dance Workout

If you want a combination of graceful moves, intense energy, and vibrant beats from one of Blackpink's newest hits, you can't go wrong with this dance workout from choreographer Mylee Dance. It's a little more advanced but will feel so satisfying when you nail every quick transition.

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"How You Like That" Dance Workout

This badass, empowering song deserves an intense cardio dance workout, and The Fitness Marshall delivers with this short, fast-paced routine.

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"Ice Cream" Cardio and Core Stability Workout

So. Many. Planks. That's your warning for this "Ice Cream" cardio and core stability routine created by a NASM-certified personal trainer. The only thing getting us through it is the infectious energy of Blackpink and Selena Gomez in their instant-classic summer single.

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"Sour Candy" Dance Cardio Workout

"Sour Candy" brought together Blackpink and Lady Gaga in the best way, and this cardio dance workout does the same. You get punches, kicks, and plenty of monster claws in the chorus!

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"Kill This Love" Cardio Workout

"Kill This Love" is the perfect heart-pounding track for this high-intensity cardio workout, led by certified group fitness instructor Jennifer Lewis, which is all about squats, jumps, and pure sweat.