Want Your Legs and Abs to Be Sore Tomorrow? Do This CrossFit Chipper Workout

Feeling like pushing yourself today? Certified CrossFit coach Kati Breazeal of Breazeal Gymnastics posted this "chipper" workout on her Instagram page, and you only need a pair of light- to medium-weight dumbbells. A chipper is a type of CrossFit workout that involves five-to-10 exercises, each at a high volume of reps for each. You must complete (or "chip away at") each movement in the order listed before moving onto the next movement. Chipper workouts are both physically and mentally demanding, but you'll feel so accomplished by the end.

This chipper workout is all about the legs and abs. Since you're completing 50 reps of each, Kati told POPSUGAR to aim for consistent pacing. She said, "With chipper-style workouts, you want to move at a speed you can sustain over the entirety of the session. If you go too fast out of the gate, chances are you'll burn out too quickly and struggle through the remaining reps. But when you pace yourself from the beginning, you can always pick it up at the end if you want to shave a few more seconds off the clock."

As for choosing dumbbell weight, since you'll be holding your dumbbells for 200 reps in this workout (200!), Kati said, "Make sure to choose a weight that you're confident moving for a long period of time, under fatigue. The dumbbells should be heavy enough to pose a challenge, but not put yourself at risk for injury."

Go for quality! Even though this workout is meant to be done as quickly as you can, Kati said it's more important that you're moving well, "focusing on controlling your body and maintaining safety, efficiency, and proper technique." She added, "Don't forfeit good form to get 'just one more rep.' Your long-term health and performance will thank you for taking the time to strengthen the proper movement patterns and positions."

Lastly, Kati said, "Have fun! This is always my favorite reminder for athletes — we GET to fitness today! Instead of worrying about how much weight to use or how to hit that goal time, be thankful that today you have the opportunity to move your body. Fitness should reduce the stress in your life, not add to it. Enjoy!"

50s Chipper Workout

Equipment needed: pair of light- to medium-weight dumbbells (5-to-35 pounds)

Directions: Complete each of the six exercises below AQAP (as quick as possible).

50 dumbbell snatches
50 hollow pulses
50 dumbbell front squats
50 seated Russian twists
50 dumbbell deadlifts
50 dumbbell sit-ups