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CrossFit Workout to Remember Skier Ryan Hawks

This Intense CrossFit Workout Will Kick Your Ass and Remind You How Lucky You Are to Be Alive

CrossFit Workout to Remember Skier Ryan Hawks

The other day at my CrossFit gym, we took a break from our regular programming to do a hero workout to honor and celebrate a former member, Ryan Hawks, who died in a tragic ski accident during a free skiing competition in California nine years ago at just 25 years old.

One of his best friends, Jade Jenny, co-owner and head coach of Champlain Valley CrossFit, named this workout "Hawks," and it's posted at the front of the gym. Ryan was known by his friends and family as incredibly positive and adventurous with a passion for skiing and a love of the mountains. Not long after his death, his 14 core principles for living were found on his computer, which included "Live every day, all day" and "Never stop exploring life."

Before doing this workout, co-owner, level 1 coach of Champlain Valley CrossFit, and CrossFit competitor Dani Jenny reminded us that although this workout would be physically and mentally challenging, we get to work out. And we should use this workout as an opportunity to think about how grateful we are to be alive and to have this body that allows us to experience life. I never knew Ryan, but I was tearing up before we even started.

There's no need to do all reps of each exercise at once. Dani suggested breaking them up so for example, when you do the deadlifts, do 10 reps at a time, taking a short break in between. That way when you get to the overhead walking lunges, you won't be completely exhausted. This workout will take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes (it took me 34), depending on the weights you use and how fast you move through the reps. So push yourself as hard as you want, doing it AQAP (as quick as possible). This is your workout.

"Hawks" AQAP Workout

Equipment needed: rower, barbell and plates (or kettlebell and dumbbells), plyometrics box, and a jump rope

Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete the below workout AQAP. The workout on the left uses a barbell; feel free to modify the weight amount to suit your strength and abilities. I did 55-pound deadlifts, and since I'm nursing a shoulder injury, I did 35-pound thrusters. If you're not a fan of using a barbell or don't have one, complete the workout in the right column. See the instructions ahead for more details on each exercise.

After the workout, be sure to do a cooldown such as these leg stretches, or grab a foam roller for your legs and butt. Also stretch your calves to prevent soreness from jumping rope.

Hawks Workout Hawks Workout (Easier)
1,000 meter row 1,000 meter row
50 deadlifts (155 pounds or less) 50 kettlebell deadlifts (35 pounds or less)
50 thrusters (65 pounds or less) 50 dumbbell thrusters (15 pounds or less)
50 box jumps 50 box jumps
50 burpees 50 burpees
100 alternating overhead walking lunges (25-pound plate) 100 alternating overhead walking lunges (10-pound plate)
100 double-unders (or 200 single-unders) 200 single-unders
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