11 Core Workouts Jillian Michaels Does to Carve Her Enviable Abs

Jillian Michaels doesn't just design workouts for other people on her workout app My Fitness by Jillian Michaels, she actually practices what she preaches. The former The Biggest Loser trainer regularly posts workout videos to her Instagram page for a weekly dose of gym motivation.

Since Jillian works out primarily in sports bras and crop tops, we can't help but notice her flat tummy and carved ab muscles. So how does she get such definition? Through a number of core circuits and ab exercises that target even the hardest-to-hit spots. Although these exercises range from beginner to advanced, all of these moves will inspire you to mix up ab day and work those core muscles.

Scroll through some of Jillian's favorite ab moves and add them to your repertoire — your abs will be sore for days!

Quick Core Circuit

These moves will test your balance and your core strength. Jillian recommends doing each move for 30 seconds and three rounds total.

Core Challenge

This core challenge will strenthen your middle and also get your heart rate up.

Plank Circuit

Jillian mixes up traditional planks with these hard-as-hell variations.

Core Crusher

Get creative in the gym with this core crusher. Jillian recommends doing each move for 30 seconds for four rounds total.

Plank Challenge

Test how long you can hold a high plank and side plank with this plank challenge.

Intense Core Circuit

Mix up ab day at the gym with these variations using basic gym equipment.

Slide Workout Using Towels

Don't have disc sliders? No problem! Get on a hard floor and grab two towels to put under your feet.

Slider Planks and Pikes

Jillian gets creative with two towels to use as sliders. These variations on planks and pikes will definitely tone your tummy.

Weight Bench Abs

Jillian recommended doing each move for 30 seconds in a circuit style for four rounds.

Sliders For Abs and Glutes

Grab a pair of disc sliders (or two towels) and work your abs and booty with variations on pikes and mountain climbers. She suggests doing each move for 30 seconds and doing each move in a row and repeat for four rounds.

Advanced Ab Circuit

This circuit isn't for a beginner. Jillian recommends doing each move for 30 seconds and doing it all four times through.