If You Want Sore Abs Tomorrow, Try This 100-Rep Core Challenge From Kayla Itsines

When you are short on time and can't fit in a long workout, but you still want to do some movement to get a little stronger, Kayla Itsines, creator of the BBG Zero Equipment program, shared this quick and intense core challenge to try. She said, "Challenge yourself or your workout buddy and add this to the end of your next workout."

You will choose one of the three exercises below based on your ability level and complete 100 reps. It will only take a few minutes to complete, depending on how quickly you move through your reps, but you can expect to feel it tomorrow!

100-Rep Core Challenge From Kayla Itsines

Equipment needed: none

Directions: If you don't do a workout before this 100-rep core challenge, be sure to warm up with a few minutes of jumping jacks, brisk walking, or going up and down a flight of stairs 12 to 15 times. Itsines said to choose the level of difficulty that suits you best (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Complete 10 sets of 10 reps with a 10-second rest in between sets. "If you want to really challenge yourself, try doing 100 reps in a row with no rest," she said. Finish with a cooldown like this 10-minute stretching routine.

Beginner: alternating bent-leg raise
Intermediate: ab bike
Advanced: bent-leg jackknife

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