If You're New to Deadlifts, Grab a Kettlebell to Learn the Right Way

If deadlifts aren't already part of your workouts, you need to begin incorporating them ASAP. They're a great alternative to squats and work your upper and lower body simultaneously. If you've been meaning to learn, grab a kettlebell because now's your chance. Personal trainer Chad Hargrove posted a helpful graphic on Instagram showing the right and wrong ways to execute this move.

How to Properly Do a Kettlebell Deadlift

Follow these steps as written by Chad.

  1. Place the kettlebell between your feet.
  2. Push your hips back toward the wall and don't bend your knees to get to the handle.
  3. Once your shoulders are just above hip height, you can drop your hips to grab the bell.
  4. Squeeze the handle hard.
  5. Make sure back is flat and chin is tucked.
  6. Push into the ground with your feet and get your hips through.
  7. Try and make sure knees and hips return to the top together at the same time.

Complete 10 to 15 reps, a total of three sets.

The Wrong Way to Do a Kettlebell Deadlift

  • Low rounded back
  • Hips and shoulders at same height
  • Knees cave forward
  • Chin isn't tucked