Watch This Trainer's 3-Move Ab Circuit on a Paddleboard — Then Do It Anywhere

What makes ab workouts even better? Versatility — aka being able to do them wherever, whenever. Kira Stokes, a NASM-certified personal trainer who works with celebs like Candace Cameron Bure, recently shared a three-move, "do-anywhere" ab circuit. The best part? She does it on a paddleboard in beautiful Aruba but says you can absolutely (and preferably) do this on stable ground.

Stokes mentioned in her Instagram caption that she's performed this circuit at the gym. The paddleboard, because of its instability, added an extra challenge that "will rock your core even more." Paddleboard or no paddleboard, consider giving this quick bodyweight routine a try.

Kira Stokes's 3-Move, Do-Anywhere Ab Circuit

Of course, make sure you're properly warmed up first (here's a rundown of how to engage your core). Stokes says to do the entire circuit three times through nonstop.

  • Advanced bicycle crunch, 45-60 seconds: This isn't your average bicycle crunch. Here, you're alternating your elbows to each knee three times total before switching sides. For example, crunch your left elbow to your right knee. Keeping your left leg out long and your right knee tucked in, crunch your right elbow to your right knee, then your left elbow to your right knee again. Right, left, right equals one.
  • V-ups, 30 seconds: The key to this move is lifting your top half to meet your bottom half (your arms toward your feet) and lowering at the same time.
  • Hovering bird dog, 30 seconds: Stokes suggests holding the extension of each arm and leg for two to five seconds. Engage the glutes (read: your butt muscles) of the extended leg so your entire core is strong throughout the exercise, she noted.

Watch Stokes demonstrate these three moves in the Instagram video above. To modify them — because the circuit is relatively advanced — try a normal bicycle crunch, seated knee tucks as opposed to V-ups, and a regular bird dog on all fours. Would you give this a shot when you're looking for something quick or add it to your workout as an ab burner? Stokes thinks you should.