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Lizzo Crushed the Strut-Workout Treadmill Trend From TikTok

This Viral Lizzo-Themed Treadmill Workout Is So Good, Even Lizzo Loves It


I started at 2.5>3.1 then jogged at a 3.6 not everyone’s journey is the same but we all can STRUT LIKE A BADDIE HEAUX😏

♬ lizzo treadmill strut workout - allie bennett

Lizzo is at it again, hopping on yet another TikTok trend (and the treadmill). This time, she's trying the Lizzo "strut workout," and you can tell she's totally feeling herself — as she should.

"I started at 2.5 > 3.1 then jogged at a 3.6 not everyone's journey is the same but we all can STRUT LIKE A BADDIE HEAUX," she wrote in the caption.

In case you haven't seen the trend yet, a strut workout is exactly what it sounds like. It's a treadmill trend going viral on TikTok that involves walking (with attitude) to the beat of a playlist, which is usually dedicated to a specific artist (such as Taylor Swift or Lizzo). The playlist is strategically crafted so that you increase your walking speed a little bit with each song to continue strutting to the beat. For that reason, you can't shuffle it; you need to play it in the exact order, since the tempo of the songs gradually speeds up. For example, in this Lizzo strut workout, you start by finding your walking pace to the beat of "About Damn Time." Each time the song changes, increase your pace by 0.1 mph. until at some point, depending on the pace you began at, you start jogging.

Lizzo previously wowed us when she (casually) belted out "Cuz I Love You" while running on the treadmill, but there's something extra special about seeing her work out to her own music. She starts off strutting to "About Damn Time" and then picks up the pace to "Tempo." (That song gets us moving every. damn. time.) Then she struts to "Exactly How I Feel," followed by "Juice," where you can tell she's really working it. "Fitness" is up next, followed by "Rumors." Throughout the whole workout, Lizzo shows us exactly how a strut workout should be done, dancing, twerking, and serving. It's a great reminder that working out should be fun.

Lizzo takes the workout up a notch and starts jogging to "Soulmate" and "Truth Hurts." She finishes by dancing on the treadmill to "Good as Hell," and she's all smiles at the end: "I DID IT I FEEL GREAT 30 MIN START TO AN AMAZING DAY!!!!" she captions the TikTok.

Take a cue from the queen herself and give the Lizzo strut workout a try — or just channel her energy by playing this Lizzo workout playlist during your next gym session. Either way, we guarantee you'll want to dance.

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